Confessions of a broke college student

by Hazel Pino

The holidays are coming up, and they’re coming up quick.

This is the first year that I didn’t get the tree up before December/within the first week. I’m just not… in the holiday mood. I’ve been really down the last few months and with the holidays rolling quickly by it’s just getting worse. This is the first year I haven’t gotten M anything in advanced. I literally have $11 in my bank account right now and no money. I did manage to get mom and dad a little (literally little) something. Both of which I know they’ll just discard later — like they always do. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother any more especially after mom had given away the Christmas gift I spent weeks trying to decide between. I gave her two things actually, she gave both things away without a single thought or care that it would hurt my feelings. I tried not to let it show, but it still honestly sucks when I think about it. I spent so much time trying to pick out the perfect thing. I coulda used the money I spent on my parents gifts for M’s gift, at least I know he’d like my gifts.

M got a seasonal job this season which is surprising. He got a good amount of hours the last two weeks because of Thanksgiving but now that it’s that in between holidays window… well you know how seasonal jobs go… they basically just give you one day a week. And between the holidays and moving, it just sucks. We don’t have money for much. We might not even get each other anything this year and just wait until after we move. Not that we even really want anything this year but it still sucks being broke during the holidays.

I dunno. This turned out a lot more depressing than I expected. I just needed to talk I think.