Signs you should run

by Hazel Pino

I’ve been digging up old conversations (when you grow up in a time that I did your relationships are pretty much archived in your email) with my abusive ex boyfriend. I can’t really say why because I don’t know. For the most part, I’ve forced myself to forget the majority of everything that happened (besides the things that just won’t go away) so most of the things I read, I don’t even remember. The husband always gathers me in his arms when he see’s me reading the old conversations, cuddles me and reminds me those days are over. Aren’t I a lucky gal?

But I came across this ridiculous thing he said that I just had to share with someone. So a bit of a back story:

During my senior year of high school, I was in Leadership and he had joined me during one of the times I had to do some Leadership community service stuff. At his high school they had to complete I believe 100 hours of community service in order to graduate but in my city we didn’t have that requirement. Anyway, we were only there maybe 2 or 3 hours tops and he asked me to basically force my teacher to sign his entire 100 hours for those 2 or 3 hours. I told him that was impossible and there was no way in hell she would do that. Technically he wasn’t even there so I absolutely doubt she would do that for someone she didn’t even know.

So anyway, he gets “SO MAD AT ME” that he attempts to commit suicide. Yes. Seriously. He called up one of my friends making this big dramatic scene and blahblahblah. But the stories didn’t add up. I could never find the hospital he claimed to stay at and he claimed to have a 35% chance of living but yet he was ONLINE the whole weekend. A few other friends said they saw him at weekend at an event and he was stung by a bee and rushed to the hospital. So yes, the stories never added up. Anyway, on to the snip of conversation!

Me: My mom doesn’t want me around you
Ex: They said it MIGHT be a deep cut. Why the fuck did I have to do that. I didn’t think your mom would had said that
Me: She works in a mental hospital
Ex: I’m not a psychopath
Me: I know (actually I didn’t know but I didn’t want to make the situation worse at the moment). But people get sent to her department for doing what you did
Ex: Yeah but I didn’t do it intentionally. People do it because they love the other person. To show it
Me: She won’t let me go there…
Ex: That’s fuckin great. She doesn’t know how much I love you. Does she ever think of what I’ve done? Spending all that money?

Uh yeah. This is legit word-for-word. I totally love the part where he goes “But I didn’t do it intentionally. People do it because they love the other person. To show it.” Right. So people attempt suicide when their significant other “pisses them the fuck off” to show that they “love” them? Wow. Really? In what universe? And I like how to follow that up, he went to talk about how much money he spent on me (which for the record I never asked him to, he always insisted). Classy.

At this point of our relationship I was already attempting to find a way out but trying to get away from a person like this can be difficult. But fortunately for me, I managed to get away. Alive. Well obviously alive if I’m writing this blog post! I just wanted to sound dramatic.