Neglecting an animal says a lot about you

by Hazel Pino

My parents are the type of people who don’t really value their pets.

We’ve had our dog for 11 years, he’s never been to a real vet. He’s never had a real check up. He got all his shots at Petco when they were offering them.

And now they’re doing the same to our new kitten. They won’t take her to get a real check up because they don’t think it’s worth the money and it just frustrates me! They would say I was wasting money when I took my hamster to get real check ups when he had his UTI or when he was losing his fur. That I was wasting my money paying for skin tests to figure out what was wrong with his fur. But my hamster lived a long (2 year), healthy and loved life.

When my dog had stopped eating for 3 days and was screaming at night, they still refused to take him to the vet. Instead they took him the pet emergency room who did help him but I was completely unsatisfied with the answers they were given (apparently his organs were suppose to fail — this was 2007 and he’s fine now). I wish I had time to take him to the vet but at that time I was working 12-16hr shifts, 6 days a week.

I’m super annoyed right now because our kitten plays ROUGH. She likes to jump and bite and even though hubby has tried teaching her to stop biting, she’s not getting it as fast as our previous cat. And that’s fine. Every animal learns different and at their own pace. Kitten is just excited, she’s happy here (she puurs really loud all the time) and maybe she’s just excited that so many people want to play with her that she can’t contain herself sometimes. But when my parents “joke” around about giving her away because she plays too rough it annoys me. It makes me just want to tell them that if that’s how they really feel then they should just give her up. Because those jokes are nowhere near funny. It’s so hard to keep my mouth shut when people are WRONG sometimes, especially when it comes to my family which is probably why I always get in trouble with them.

But maybe they should spend half a second to think before saying something stupid about a tiny defenseless animal that just wants to be loved and is still learning.