This feeling is taking control of me…

by Hazel Pino

SPiNNiNG: Just So You Know by Jesse McCartney

I like boys who look like they have a story to tell…

I remember tweeting that the very first time I saw you. You got on the bus and sat somewhere towards the middle. You had a gray hoodie on. I was curious to know where you were going at that hour. I wondered what your story was.

I saw you a few times after that, after work. It was always after work. You worked on the West Side, obviously. Had you worked at Marketplace I think I would have noticed. Every time I saw you, I wondered what your story was, it looked like you had a good one to tell.

It wasn’t until I was moved over to West Side that I figured out your name. I was there for almost a month before I had the pleasure of actually working with you. And you weren’t what I was expecting.

You weren’t from here, you were from a different country and you speak a language I am obsessed with learning. You have kind but troubled eyes.

Over the next few months, I got to know you a little better… and we ended up friends. Then they let you go, and my program ended. Up until a week or two ago, we still kept in touch and I don’t know, you didn’t add me to your new Facebook.

I still don’t know your story, but I’m still willing to hear it. If you’re willing to tell it. I hope you know I would never judge you, just listen, because it seems like you really need that in your life. Now more than ever.

I will never forget the first time I saw you, or you.