December is always so stressful

by Hazel Pino

December is once again just slipping passed me. It’s funny, when you’re a kid Christmas feels like it takes FOREVER to get here but when you’re older, it comes too quick.

School has been kicking my butt lately. It’s my first time taking a class completely online through University of Phoenix and I am not liking it. The teacher could care less about us, 3 members of my learning team don’t even respond half of the time and sometimes don’t even participate in our papers (major frustrating). It’s nothing like on campus. On campus you have plenty of resources and people to talk to if you’re having problems. Plus it’s more convenient. Online just sucks. There’s 3 due dates a week, not to mention the whole posting twice a day for 4 days a week thing. It’s just stressful and not convenient at all!!

Last week was pretty rough. Aside from some unwanted news from my dad, my brother got hurt and that was really scary. It seemed like everyday was something different. But I’m glad he’s home now and better.

Husband and I managed to get Christmas shopping done yesterday. Completely done! Before December 23rd for once! I’m excited lol. We even got each other stocking stuffers (even though we’re sharing a stocking). It’s cute the things he picked out for me :). I just need to wrap gifts that are sitting under our mini room tree unwrapped. Thankfully winter break starts on Monday for two weeks, ugh I can not wait to take a break from school!

I’m trying to figure out how to balance school, blogging and reading. I hate that I take such long breaks away from blogging!