It’s only Nov 9th and I’m pooped!

by Hazel Pino

I’m so behind on my NaNoWriMo! But I finished reading two books so far this week 😀 I don’t know how to feel about this, really.

But I do know that Daylight Savings is absolutely screwing with me. I’ve been sleeping at 4AM the last two nights (mornings?) and waking up at 1PM and that’s not cool. I was good with my 3AM sleepy time and my 12PM wake time. I mean, I would like for it to be a smidge earlier, but what can you do.

Virgin Airlines is having a sale for the next 72hrs. $35 tickets from SF to Las Vegas (where I want to spend our wedding anniversary) but husband is saying no, we have to save our money. I’m whimpering on the inside, like seriously. Ugh, so not fair!

I really want to write my story. But maybe it’s just not one to be written right now? Maybe I just suck. Who knows really. Besides that it’s hard to do anything that requires concentration in this house. Seriously, my dad called me earlier (he was downstairs btw) just to tell me my brother bought cake. Which is sitting on the table. I don’t understand why they feel the need to call me and tell me these things when I can just find out on my own. Then it ruins my concentration. Like, seriously? So I decided to put my phone on mute. Not vibrate. Mute. Until I feel like taking it off. Cause this is ridic.

Realized I have a strange friendship with an ex. We’re still really close. I consider him an ex at least and for awhile he considered me one too, not sure about now. But I know he considers me a best friend and I guess that counts for more than being considered an ex. I was going through some old convos, looking for funny ones and I bumped into a lot of really sweet mushy ones and I got kinda sad. Not sure why. Things were easier when you’re young and “in love” I guess. Being older and married is so much more complicated some day lol.

I’m glad my husband isn’t the jealous type. He happens to like this ex I’m best friends with and even though I bump into these convos and get sad (or get sad when said ex just suddenly stops talking to me for long periods of time — he loses his phone a lot) he’s always trying to make me feel better :). My husband is incredibly awesome.

Enough rambling, I’m going to go cuddle under my blanket and read (: