Aches && Anxiety

by Hazel Pino

I had a pretty good day today.

We checked out the new Walgreens and it’s huuuuge. It also has the new Walgreens layout which is amazing when it came to the beauty section. Everything was so much easier to find! They had a soft opening but man, I’m impressed! I just wish they had more Wet N’ Wild products. Maybe when they have their grand opening they will. Either way, I found the Wet N’ Wild nail polishes I’ve been trying to track down for a week now. They had every color there (which was a bit hard to resist), I ended up only getting the 3 I really wanted. I’ll be back next week to see if the holiday sets will be in. Husband and I also grabbed some boxed movie candy, 3 for $3, why not. I got my Tootsie Pop drops and had him pick some out since that’s all I really wanted. Wish they made Cherryheads in the big boxes!

After that husband and I headed to get some lunch. He got Chipotle (of course) and I got Panera Bread. Then we walked over to GameStop and I reserved Mario 3D for him (to get the raccoon Mario key chain of course!) then over to B&N. I didn’t get anything. Books are so over priced everywhere else compared to Amazon. We’re in a recession! Wait, are we still in a recession? Either way…

Went to check out Bath & Body Works. I’ve come to the conclusion that the 3 wick and the mini candles smell the strongest. I don’t get much out of the single wick small size. I’m not sure why that is. My mom only buys the 3 wicks, I guess this is why. I was hoping to bump into a 2 for $20 sale but they said the next time that is is going to be black friday :(. I really wanna try the new Sleep scents. I still miss my Milk & Honey from years ago. Went over to the Disney Store and ended up getting 3 Villains 2 Vinylmations lol. We got 1 double of a character don’t like, boo! But that’s the chance you’re taking with blind box Vinylmations! Also went to get matched for a concealer color at MAC, they didn’t have sample cups, boo!

After that we headed home and went to Target. I was set on getting Disney Universe today and Best Buy had special content for Peter Pan that I really wanted but husband wanted Target since it came with Cinderella + 2 more. Ughh. So we got it at Target (and now I’m Peter Pan-less) and I got some more knee high socks (it is FREEZING lately) and those Magnium Ice Cream bars everyone’s talking about.

I’ve been achy lately, I guess because it’s been so cold lately. It was literally FREEZiNG last night and I kept waking up. I was wrapped up in my blanket and everything. I really need to find my winter clothes! Why did I have to bring them to Florida?!

I’m having a bit of anxiety tonight, I’m not sure why. I think it’s because husband mentioned Flix Blix and unless you play FFXI I’m sure you won’t know what that is. But I named one of my hamsters Flix Blix a long time ago and he was the best little pet I ever had in my life. Seriously, he had an amazing personality, and he was my best friend. He lived a really long time and he died. And I still can’t watch videos of him without busting out in tears. Anyway, Flix Blix in FFXI is a rank mission and I’ve been avoiding this mission for years because I just can’t, you know?

And I think it’s because I set my appointment for my cavities. It’s coming up a bit soon and I’m terrified (see phobia entry). I’m trying to talk myself into thinkin it’ll be fine. I get much more intense and painful pain from landing in a flight (and for MUCH MUCH longer). One itty bitty shot in my gums isn’t going to be that bad. It’s not going to be even a fraction of the pain I get from landing in a plane. So I’ll be fine, right? It’s keeping me calm to an extent, but I don’t know, I’m still getting a bit of anxiety :(.