I have to admit, I’m disappointed…

by Hazel Pino

I met a boy ten years ago, on AOL actually. He lived about half an hour away. Somewhere between meeting him and today, we dated twice. But we never actually met in person. How does this work out? I’m not sure, but it managed to. We didn’t date for very long either time, but we stayed, for the most part, really really close. I was the first person he told he was getting married and he called me almost everyday when he was deployed to Afghanistan. I think that’s a pretty big deal. Somewhere between the day we met and today we tried to meet up — three times. And all three times didn’t happen.

He recently left the military and he came home last week. He suggested I take him to Olive Garden as a “welcome home” lunch since technically we both came home. So this was his idea and I thought it was a sort of bad idea. What do you say to someone you’ve known for ten years but have never met? What if this make believe image I had of him was shattered? What if he didn’t think I was pretty (I don’t see why this thought even crossed my mind)? What if he ended up just flaking again? And of course, my paranoia of hanging out with people thinking their out to get me (which I confessed to him and he assured me we’re still fiends and that after everything we’ve been through that was not epic enough to destroy our friendship).

So we set up a day to go have lunch — which was today. And so I was nervous all last night and he told me he wasn’t, he thinks it’ll be just as comfortable in person as it is via internet/phone. So I wake up this morning and I’m like okay, no big deal, it’s just him. No need to be nervous. So I get up and check my phone and I see a text message from him saying that his nephew (who he lives with) faked being sick and now he’s stuck at home all day watching him and he wasn’t going to be able to make it.


If there was a world record to being flaked on, I think I’m doing a good job of keeping up in the race. We rescheduled it for later this week. I’m not nervous anymore, just really sad…