Unlimited… my future is unlimited…

by Hazel Pino

Fall is hands down one of my favorite season’s. Not just because it’s pretty much my “new year” or when I’m the most energetic, but it also reminds me of Wicked the musical and this pretty lady.

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In September of 2009 I saw Wicked for the first time. Then in October 2009 I saw it again for a second time after attending Behind The Emerald Curtain (and meeting Nicolas Dromard). It wasn’t until Janurary of 2010 that I saw it for a third time and pretty much every month after that until they closed in September of 2010. By the time they closed, I saw the musical 12 times, attended Behind The Emerald Curtain 2 times, had the pleasure of going backstage once and made friends with a few of the cast members, some of who I still talk to today (I also saw it twice while I was living in Orlando, FL but they weren’t the same cast from San Francisco).

I didn’t know it that cold September afternoon, but Wicked was going to change my life. Because of Wicked I went to my first audition for a commercial. I didn’t get it, but it was an amazing experience. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t nervous standing up there in front of a ton of people I didn’t know. I was the most confident I had ever been.

I’m sad that Wicked is no longer in San Francisco since every fall I want to pay another visit to Oz, but I am happy to say that (if everything goes right), I’ll be seeing it on BROADWAY early next year! While that’s exciting, I’m more excited to see the best Boq in the history Boq’s, Etai BenShlomo!

I’m spending this weekend listening to Wicked and prepping my NaNoWriMo novel (: