Why is it still so hot?

by Hazel Pino

I don’t get why everyone says California has the best weather. We don’t. Our weather sucks. It was in the 90’s today, I thought it was Fall? What’s even worse is that I know the temp won’t drop until the end of October. Ugh. Not only that, but we don’t get any cool thunder and lightning storms either. Just plain ol’ rain.

I keep telling myself everyday that I’ll stop drinking soda. I’m starting to get air bubbles before bed and those suck. But it’s so hard to stop drinking soda when it’s so hot!! Good goly! I did buy some apple juice and Gateroade yesterday. I lived off Gateroade in Florida and was fine. But I seriously need to start drinking water everyday and seriously cut down on the soda. I know they say that apple juice is no better, but at least it’s not soda, right?

I’ve been wanting to start on my Fall projects, especially since Halloween is around the corner, but it’s been too hot to really concentrate on doing anything. Oh how I miss air conditioning.

Been back to cooking… when everyone’s asleep. My parents aren’t too fond of the idea of me cooking (even though I went to culinary school) but they let my brother. I know, go figure. So I have to wait until everyone’s asleep or no one’s home. The thing that frustrates me is that everyone in his house cooks and they all expect you to eat whatever random thing they came up with. Maybe I’m just spoiled and picky, but I also don’t eat meat. Well not as often as I use to and I stay away from beef as much as I can. And no matter how many times I tell my parents this, they kinda just brush it off. That’s what I get for being asian. Not eating meat? That’s crazy talk -___-.

Sorry this post is all jumbled up and ranty, I’m really sweaty and uncomfortable right now :(.