It’s “officially” Fall!

by Hazel Pino

According to the calender, the first day of Fall was yesterday. Even though yesterday was 90°. Today it’s 68° and a lot more comfortable! I love the crisp smell and feel of the air when it’s Fall, the color changing leaves and getting ready for Halloween! I use to hate Halloween. As in, I wouldn’t go out at all or acknowledge the fact it was Halloween. I mean, I don’t really go out now, unless it’s to Trick or Treat (hey, free candy? Why not?) but I love getting ready for it. The pumpkins, the crafts, the baking, all the fun stuff! This year I’m going to glitter some pumpkins, make some witch hats (cause I love witch hats) and maybe attempt to bake something that isn’t out of a box!

And also, the best part of prepping for Halloween? Compiling a list of spooky YA books as a challenge for the whole month of October! Then I usually host a giveaway on my book blog of a few of the books I read along with some other Halloween goodies :). This is much easier to do for Halloween than it is for Christmas lol.

Speaking of books…

I’ve been really into discovering self published books. Mostly because they’re free or under $2.

I read Amanda Hocking‘s blog post last night about her adventures in self publishing, and I’ve always been curious. I know being published with a big publisher is pretty hard to do considering they have to go through a whole lot of manuscripts. Who’s to say what you’re writing about is even “in”? It’s an industry just like anything else and there are plenty of reasons for you to receive that rejection letter that kills you a little bit each time. But of course there are other reasons to try; you won’t have to worry about making your own book covers and knowing that a publisher really likes your work!

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, and I’m hoping to win this time! But this year I’ll be writing a middle grade book instead of young adult. Mostly because I feel like with writing a young adult novel, it’s expected to have romance and lately there have been a lot of love triangles, which I kinda really hate. I could take a chance and write a young adult novel with almost no romance but I don’t know… maybe after I rough draft the outline I’ll decide then.

Also, I’m obsessed with Castle Crashers. Best game EVER!