Ice cream && chocolate!

by Hazel Pino

I’m not a big fan of ice cream sandwiches, but they’re one of those things that if I start eating it I can’t really stop. My husband however, loves them. We discovered these in Florida, and they are sooo good!

The other day we checked out this market thing in Napa. It was a cute little market that had all sorts of stuff. We checked out this spices stand, then I stopped for some ice cream at Three Twins Ice Cream.

We had half Lemon Cookie and half Vanilla Chip. They were both really really good. The Lemon Cookie had delicious bits of lemon cookie. mMm!

On our way out, there was a cute little chocolate booth and they had chocolate testers.

They were all chocolate with some kind of wine of alchol. My favorite was one of the ones in the pumps that had Amaretto. It was sooo good!


I just found out that has been down for the last 3 weeks and an admin hasn’t logged in since 2001 :(. I should had saved all of my entries, now they’re all gone. Just like all the ones from I guess it’s good they’re all gone, but there were some entries I wish I could had saved.

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely and I miss the beginning stages of a relationship. When making out was just making out. And the whole butterflies in your stomach thing was going on and it was enough. I miss kissing and not just pecks.

Sometimes being married blows.