Credit cards…

by Hazel Pino

For the last year and a half I have been credit card-less. After running up my debt to a total that matches my college tuition, I gave in and decided to get a wee bit of help. After some research, my husband and I decided to get into some credit consolidating. My mom was pushing for us to file for bankruptcy but the lady we talked with told us our debt wasn’t high enough to even be considering that. I mean it was in the $20,000’s but I guess to be considered seriously you’d have to be way beyond that. It still puzzle’s me why my mom would want me to file bankruptcy in the first place. Buuut, I guess.

So since we’re in credit consolidation, our credit cards are obviously frozen and so we’re not allowed to apply for new cards. Even though my husband started getting pre-approved mail again.

So for the last year and a half the only credit card I have is pretty much my debit card. And honestly, this is teaching me a bit. I’m in love with shopping online but shopping with my debit card makes me paranoid. I know if someone hacks it or something they won’t reimburse as much as they would with a credit card. So I try to stay away from sketchy sites. But sometimes, the most trusted sites can get me in a bit of trouble… mostly Amazon. And now I’m looking at a negative on my checking account balance and wondering how the hell it got there.

Going to Florida pretty much sucked up all my money with plane tickets and the cost of shipping things back home through effen UPS. And of course, it would be hard to find a job once I get home since almost every store in my area is closing down. Awesome, right? I’m planning on apply to work somewhere close to school but that means… gas + $5 toll everyday and I mean… would it be worth it? Probably not. *sigh.

Ugh, being grown up sucks.