Today’s looking like…

by Hazel Pino

I bought hubby two new games the other day and they came in so he’s playing them now. Today for me is going to consist of blogging and hopefully some cleaning in my room. And maybe sorting my books since my mom shuffled them all around while I was away…

I went to the dentist yesterday, finally. I was certain I had a few cavities and I did. But I wasn’t expecting them to say they had to numb me. I have a rather big PHOBIA of needles in my mouth, because of something that happened a few years back at my old dentist. Which is why I’m at my new dentist, they specialize in people who don’t really like going to the dentist. And they’re great, been with them since ’08 and they make sure I’m comfortable, always.

I tried to talk my way around the numbing. Last time I had a cavity (which was in ’08) they managed to just blast it with something that felt like sand. But they’re saying that this cavity might be bigger and they don’t wanna do the blasting thing (which requires no numbing). I guess 3 years with no cavities is a good run, but I’m still extremely afraid of this.

So they went over the options for me. They offered Valium, which I hear a lot. I don’t know what it is or what it does but apparently it’s an anti anxiety pill. I’ve asked my friends if they know anything about it and they all say the same thing; it’s strong and it makes you not care. But how far will that take me when they’re about to stab me with a needle? Then there’s the next pill up which is a little more complicated and I’ll only remember bits and pieces of the procedure. Which is what I wanted to go for, but it cost $100 extra. Then there’s the one above that which knocks you completely out. And as awesome as that sounds, I don’t think getting my cavities filled really requires me to be knocked completely out. Even though it’s tempting. The only reason why I wouldn’t want to take the one above Valium is because it requires a bit of prepping and even though I’m terrified, it’s a bit silly to drug myself that much to fill a cavity. So I decided to go with Valium, and hopefully that will help relax me enough to not want to knock the needle out of their hand (which has happened, at my last dentist. The laughing gas they used to help relax me actually made me more paranoid).

We’ll see how it goes, I’m really hoping it will go well.