by Hazel Pino

I’ve been creepin’ around for the last two days and I have no posts on my own blog. I know, kinda sketch right?

Hello, I’m Marie. I’m not new to WordPress or blogging but I haven’t ventured around until now. I made a new blog here as somewhere to just write. I have other blogs that I’ve made to just write in but they soon turned into something else, they became blogs with a purpose. I really hope that this blog stays without a purpose. Even though my mind is already brewing up a path for it to take. Gah.

I love blogging. I love writing and I love reading. I always have. I also like taking pictures. Mostly of food. I like food. I use to be a baking and pastry major, it didn’t work out. But I hope someday I’ll come back to it (and I’ll probably start a blog for that too when the time comes). I like makeup, sometimes… I like video games and animals (I know, totally unrelated). I’m majoring in Communications and Marketing and I hope to work for a book publishing company. I just finished my first internship at Walt Disney World and I miss Orlando and Disney so much. I just lost my kitty, she was 7. And she passed a week before I came home from my internship, it still crushes me that I wasn’t here.

Other than that, I can’t really tell you much else about me. I wouldn’t really know where to begin. But I do hope you stick around, and I hope my blog either helps you or entertains you and if nothing else helps you to at least pass time, if that’s what you’re doing :).